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        The world has all kinds of transport packaging corrugated box can be different, but the talent showing itself
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        The world has all kinds of transport packaging corrugated box can be different, but the talent showing itself, it is because it has a simple lightweight and versatile induced, it makes thetransport and sale of products more easily. The corrugated box occupies an important position in the market sales of products, it is the new image from unexciting "carton"originated. Please have a look the multiple functions of corrugated box: cardboard box style,shape and design makes the product is packed full of angry, also make the product more inshipping and storage efficiency. Exaggerated design, pleasing color and unique shape canattract attention, so as to achieve the effect of Chuan Dun Speed PIN messages. The boxprinted on product content, size, quantity, use and handling instructions and otherinformation, make your products flawless and perfect fast speed at destination.
        Corrugated products can be recycled after use resources, also suitable for reengineering
        Corrugated box is made of wood fiber, wood fiber by natural decomposition; while the wood in the planned planting and harvesting is not exhausted. Most waste corrugated box Recyclableafter the paper material, is a great contribution to environmental protection.
        What is the corrugated?
        Corrugated board is a multi-layered adhesive body, it is at least composed of a layer ofcorrugated core paper sandwich (commonly known as the "pit" or "corrugated") and a layer of cardboard (commonly known as "leather card"). It has high mechanical strength, canwithstand the handling process of the collision and falling.
        Corrugated carton's actual performance depends on three factors: the structure of the corepaper and paperboard characteristics and carton itself.
        Classification of corrugated cardboard
        According to the different combination, corrugated board can be divided into the following five types: 1) consists of a layer of core paper and kraft card board called "¶ corrugatedcardboard". ¶ corrugated cardboard, normally used as cushion, interval and the inclusionshape irregular objects. 2) is composed of a layer of core paper and upper and lower two layers of kraft card consisting of cardboard is called "single pit cardboard". 3) two layer corepaper is clamped between three layers of kraft card is called "double pit cardboard". Double pit board can be composed of different width and different pit pit paper paper, such as "B"with "C" pit pit paper paper. 4) three layer core paper is clamped between four layers of kraftcard is called "three pit cardboard". 5) extra strong double board is composed of a single pitboard and a layer of paper, it consists of two piece of thick paper adhesive and laminated.
        Thankfully, we already can produce many different combinations of corrugated board today,the board has different characteristics and strength, to cater to the changing market.
        Types of pit pattern
        According to the core paper pit size, the height and number of per unit length in corrugated,corrugated board can be further subdivided. The core paper pit four, the table below showsproduced by Mitsubishi and Langston pit cardboard.
        Caused by a thick "A" corrugated carton, with "B" and "C" has better top and bottomcompressive strength, but with "A" and "B" pit pattern comparison, thin "B" pit pattern has better anti pressure. "A" and "C" pit for under compression and packaging and cartonmanufacturing pad. "More important than capacity and space B" pit, and carton manufacturing stacking strength is secondary. "E" pit has the highest compression, but theshock absorption ability is a bit poor. Mainly used for carrying heavy loads offset (Cai Yin)corrugated box.
        Paper core material
        Corrugated cardboard pit size is bigger, its rigidity is stronger. Cardboard toughness in the core paper layer, without the thick and hard packing. So it can reduce the weight and the cost of cardboard. The core paper by semi chemical pulp (pulp paper strength can provide thebest) and recycled paper material due to. The latter due to low cost, so the Hongkongmanufacturers to adopt, although paper strength than the former, but by adding starch toimprove papermaking factory.
        Pit occupy a certain space in the corrugated paper, its role is also very important, through it can withstand pressure, lateral pressure and other irregular pressure.
        Leather card
        Kraft card form the inner and outer corrugated cardboard, its function can be structure and /or decoration. Each layer of leather card for board provides various characteristics, and these characteristics through the adhesive, waxing process to expand.
        The structural strength of the enlightenment
        If the carton strength did not reach requirement, need to find the sign. Don't behoove thatevery carton must be thick and hard. You know, make this kind of "feeding" the high cost ofcarton. Therefore, the carton should be investigated, an antidote against the disease. The scope of inspection to many aspects, such as cartons are damaged in transit, stacking method, whether the defect is loading, handling is appropriate excess; perhaps, also check totrace back to the empty container storage method.
        When you take all measures to reduce losses, don't limit yourself to the narrow concept of"thick and hard". Remember, change the carton shape often have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful! Figure out what you do have an excellent capablecarton supplier, and he will meet your individual needs, and may at any time to give youguidance carton and related components.
        Corrugated box has three big test categories: corrugated paper and kraft card test; corrugated cardboard carton testing the test.
        Test items, test paper basis weight, core flat pressure test, pressure test loop, core paperlateral pressure test, pressure test, leather card corrugated cardboard flat pressure test,pressure test of corrugated cardboard, rupture strength test, pressure test, box carton drop test.
        Purchasing Manager: more corrugated carton industry and transport packaging design, can make you know how to save money.
        Choose what you need core paper and kraft card:
        Various combinations of core paper and kraft card can make the carton factory produced from solid and cheap cardboard products as well as exquisite but high prices of products,these products can meet the demand of commodity packaging is almost. Choose differentcorrugated cardboard can receive some special effects, such as compression, shockproof,bearing etc.. The appropriate choice can also reduce the use of materials and storage space.
        In order to standardization
        Corrugated cardboard with large rolls of paper production. Every time a new combinedleather card and paper needs to stop and change the new paper roll, thus causing the machine between the home and production materials waste. In other words, to assist thepaper factory to reduce paper changing times, just as to reduce his loss, thereby reducingthe cost of your.
        Familiar with carton factory production operation
        As carton factory customer, you'd better know their equipment and Ming Liao how to use itsproduction flexibility, these can help you find "throttling" way, so as to create conditions for your company to expand business.
        Understand the carton factory cost saving
        The trick to ask you about the carton factory cost saving, this trick may in cardboard processing program or printing process. There is a point worth noting is carton printing. The same color can save money, because without the use of special color, but also with other orders without the need for cleaning printing. The Rossoneri are two commonly used color.The arrangement allows you to benefit more. In the paper products processing, inter ordefective were picked apart, if firms have agreed to pick up, they are used as the cushion or interval, which is also a lot of money or for ways to save. In printing, printing plate cost is quite high, this expense can sometimes be used elsewhere. To reduce costs, it is necessary to reduce the switching patterns or marks.
        Procurement should be centralized, avoid dispersion
        Your order is on the cost of each order to. You know, startup and shutdown expensive; such as the boot for a large number of production, so that not only the quality of the products the same, but the cost of lighter. Carton factory can't each carton production number exactly withhome, but there will be residual. Users can put the rest of the carton for standby, don't waste.That is to say, to allow the cartons with some flexibility in delivery quantity; otherwise, makecartons will remain in a customer's order cost.
        Make full use of boxes and shape
        The carton can be trapped with various designed into various shapes, but generally come tothe area at least, most hard paper carton cost. Standard slotted box(RegularSlottedContainer, R.S.C.) whose length is two times the width of the same height, Yu Changdu (L = 2W = H), the corrugated area make the most effective use of a design. Of course, also have their certain economic, practical and convenient value other carton design.Carton design can make do by carton factory, with professional knowledge, experience in production and their computer equipment advanced, we can design a minimum area and the most appropriate boxes. In comparison with the reading of each carton, you might evensurprise harvest. It is worth mentioning that the carton products display. If the carton productsre arranged, often do not beat all effect, with a better shape change as carton.
        Without money, win the goodwill
        We should seize every opportunity to show you care, attach importance to the overallinterests of society. For example, in the box printed on recycled marker, indicating theprotective products the best multi box stacking, storage, effective date and other related information, publicity for your company this kind of practical words intangible, so you win thegoodwill is not required.
        Cooperate with carton factory
        Save the cost depends on the distribution chain of procurement staff, carton factory and eachoperator effort. Everyone must have the concept of cost saving. Carton industry goal is to help you can accelerate the sale and transport of goods, in the use of their carton reduce loss, thereby improving profit.
        One, the trees
        Paper and pulp, can be made from a variety of plant fiber as raw material, but the paper still use the most trees and non timber.
        Two chemical composition, wood
        The table below for the typical chemical composition of softwood and hardwood. But it is difficult to accurately write the chemical elements of wood, because wood is a natural productby various molecular compound consisting of complex and uneven. The main composition of wood cellulose (40-50%), semi cellulose (20-35%), wood (20-30%) and solvent solublesubstances (3-3, 5%). But to these components separated in the condition of no structure change and decomposition, can be said to be impossible. If the main constituents of wood iswhat, so most of it is composed of polysaccharides, accounting for about 60-80%; if thepolysaccharides of wood with dilute acid hydrolysis, can know it is a macromolecule carbohydrate was composed of glucose, mannose, xylose and other single sugar.
        The main polysaccharide composition of wood can be divided into the cellulose and hemicellulose cellulose
        The cellulose in room temperature with dilute alkali (e.g. 17, 5% NaOH or 10-24% KOH) to handle it, then dissolved in wood 15-30% is a semi cellulose, insoluble cellulose.
        Three, pulp
        Paper pulp, which is mainly composed of wood to manufacture, the manufacturing method is as follows: chemical pulp pulp, semi chemical pulp mechanical (physical) pulp
        1, chemical pulp
        Chemical pulp is in the process of making pulp, chemical drugs mainly made of paper pulp,and of course according to the pharmaceutical and manufacturing method and use different,there are some differences. Compared to the get rid of raw materials in the middle layer of lignin and lignin in the pulp cell process, has low utilization rate of raw materials and high production cost disadvantage.
        (1) kraft pulp
        Kraft pulp is a manufactured by chemical method is also called kraft pulp. The word Kraft in Sweden is strong. Because Sweden chemical factory as a byproduct of Glauber's salt makingpulp made of paper is very strong, so called kraft paper.
        (2) semi chemical pulp
        Semi chemical pulp is adopt the chemical method, the first wood contains a part of ligninremoval, a pulp and then the rest of the softened chips made by mechanical cracking. That is to say the chemical treatment and mechanical processing each half in manufacturing methods. The purity and strength of semi chemical pulp wood pulp than mechanical treatment of pulp is higher, and the yield was higher than that of chemical pulp made by chemicalmethod.
        2, waste paper pulp
        The waste paper pulp is already used paper, put that discharge machines like twisted juicedevice, and twisting the mutual coalescence of the fibers into a porridge like.
        The surface layer slurry corrugated waste paper pulp raw material, its main kraft paper and corrugated paper and so on, so the high strength.
        To distinguish between the two, paper and paperboard
        According to its thickness is divided into paper and paperboard, habits, square area of theweight of more than 200g thick paper called the board, less than 200g weight called thepaper. But with the improvement of technology, materials, machinery and equipment, thepaper board is also called light corrugated paper and paperboard, secular provisions of thecategory has more than 200g, in the production of machinery is divided into heavy duty corrugated cardboard production line and light corrugated cardboard production line, our company existing three cardboard production line are light board production line. Paper and board is about 5000 of the world, China's production of paper and paperboard for existing 500-600, the main varieties of commodity packaging box board paper, corrugated paper,white paper, yellow paperboard, kraft paper, glass cardboard, tar paper, coated paper, offset paper, coated paper, specialty paper, adhesive base paper, and making corrugated cartonsare liner board and corrugated paper two.
        Identification of positive and negative three, of paper or paperboard.
        No matter what kind of paper or paperboard have positive and negative points, in the paper,the wet paper web and network contact surface is negative, the other side is positive.Negative due to contact with the copper net, fines and filler loss more, show screen printing,the opposite is rough. Positive more closely, there is obvious difference between the properties of positive negative. Its smoothness, positive is opposite taller, picking velocitynegative than positive more negative than positive; white is better, so the paper and paperboard has two sides.
        Great influence both sides of printing quality. Usually, positive smoothness, sizing degree is high, so the printing performance. Carton paper, must make the paper is right side out, so that the printing and moisture-proof handle, this must be positive and negative identificationpaper or paperboard.
        The paper Hanging noodles, flour paste color than in pulp color is good, positive and negative most easily identified, some paper or paperboard is used in multi cylinder papermachine making, or through a press photo, the positive difference is not so obvious, at this time can use the following method to identify:
        1, direct observation method. The paper or paperboard folding, surface shape and structureof both sides. If the paper machine screen printing, screen printing surface is opposite, whenobserved with the naked eye is not clear, can borrow a magnifying glass, or smoothmeasurement instrument.
        Method 2, using carbon paper press paper view. The carbon paper on paper, and then observe the paper to make a mark on the paper, so that the carbon paper pressure traces on paper, can draw about 13 mm wide, observation of a black mark, 51-76 mm long, can be placed on the surface of the glass of a smooth, according to the 1 method to identify.
        3, with a coin method (aluminum) mark. The paper folded, so that the two sides are placed in a plane, with a coin or two traces, and then observe the two traces of traces of shallow depth,the side is negative, which is due to the filler content is low, the scratch is not easy to show.
        The longitudinal and transverse differential four, of paper or paperboard
        Paper and paperboard by screen printing forming a certain direction, general and boardrunning parallel to the direction of the longitudinal, vertical and horizontal direction ofoperation.
        Vertical and horizontal can usually be identified by the following methods.
        1, the visual method. Some flat paper a little attention can tell is longitudinal transverse,facing the light to see more obvious, along the fiber direction is vertical. To roll the length direction as the longitudinal.
        2, tearing method. If it is difficult to determine the vertical and horizontal with the visual method, can be used to handle paperboard tear, if a flat, smooth, for the longitudinal; if acable or zigzag shape, even the cracks at the torn paper level, is horizontal. According to thepaper, or paper to distinguish, tensile strength is the longitudinal.
        3, pull instrument measuring method: Test for vertical numerical NUMERICAL small transversetensile testing machine with special.
        The reasons for this situation are mainly in the following 3 aspects: one is due to the longcorrugating medium and low added value, the domestic production of packaging paperboardpapermaking enterprises generally optimistic about kraft liner board, white board paper, high added value, high demand products, cause not much plan the new extension of the low weight high strength corrugated base paper project the domestic paper packaging products;two is to raise the level of rapid growth, the growth of domestic high strength corrugated paper and kraft paperboard demand, cause domestic high strength corrugated paperdemand; three is the corrugated paper international markets remain weak, beg for be more than, but our country high strength corrugated paper market is in short supply, so that foreignmanufacturers optimistic about the China market.
        Demand from the market point of view, corrugated paper to the development of low weight,high strength, full specifications direction is a big trend. It can produce 90 ~ 115g/m<2corrugating medium, it is expected that the future will the production of corrugated paper 60 ~ 90g/m2. Because of the strength, high strength corrugated paper demand is bigger,corrugated paper prices will rise. At present, reduce the cost and reduce the quantity are two major themes of corrugating medium development.
        Corrugated, corrugated cardboard
        The core part of corrugated cardboard corrugated shape, therefore, the types andcombinations of corrugated has a great influence on the properties of corrugated paper. The following basic points about corrugated cord.
        Type 1, type of
        Corrugated paper in the structure characteristics, is pressed into corrugated corrugated.Corrugated corrugated body. The use of the same texture of paper and paper is made ofcorrugated cardboard corrugated shape, if different, have different properties of corrugated paperboard.
        Now, all the countries in the world use the corrugated paper, corrugated there are several:type A type B type C Leng Leng Leng Leng use E type; the four type can be summarized as follows: -- A, B, C type corrugated packaging use -- B, E -- E type corrugated corrugated with small packaging the outer packing
        Use the four type can be summarized as follows: -- A, B, C type corrugated packaging use --B, E -- E type corrugated corrugated with small packaging packaging
        First of all, talk about the characteristics of outer packing with A, B, C type.
        1) A type corrugated
        Characteristics of A type is the number of unit length of corrugated, corrugated and highest.The use of type A corrugated corrugated box, suitable for packing lighter items, a largerbuffer force.
        2) B type corrugated
        Type B and type A Leng Leng opposite number, the unit length of corrugated and corrugatedminimum, its performance with A type corrugated instead, Leng made use of B type of corrugated boxes, suitable for packaging heavy and hard goods, used for canned and bottledgoods packaging.
        In addition, there is a tendency is to use the B type corrugated hard and not easy to break,made of a combination of box shape complex after punching.
        3) C type corrugated
        And the number of edges between corrugated high between A type and B type Leng LengLeng of unit length C. The performance is close to the A log. In recent years, along with thestorage, transport costs rise, C type treng smaller attention, has now become the type ofEuropean and American countries use.
        Secondly, discuss the characteristics of E type corrugated used in packaging and packaging.
        4) E type corrugated
        E stood 30 cm length of log number is usually 95 or so, about 1.1 mm high treng (my company E corrugated high of 1.7 mm) compared with the outer packing with A, B, C corrugated, with thinner more hard. Therefore, the development of E type corrugated main purpose is to use it to make folding carton in order to increase the buffer. Corrugated box is made of E type corrugated, beautiful appearance, smooth surface, can be more complexprinting, it is often used for decoration of corrugated carton.
        The above four type of chart types are corrugated corrugated height (mm) standardcorrugated number A 30 cm of the 4.5-4.834 + 2B 2.5-2.850 + 2C 3.5-3.840 2E 1.193 5
        Type two, corrugated cardboard
        Types of corrugated cardboard, combination depends on the various type of. Different combinations of corrugated cardboard, also different.
        Usually the corrugated board can be categorized according to its structure or use.
        Single face corrugated cardboard, double wall corrugated board (three layers of single corrugated cardboard) according to structure classification:
        Dual core double wall corrugated board, (five layers of double wall corrugated paperboard),three core double wall corrugated board, (three seven layer corrugated cardboard,corrugated cardboard) inner packing according to the use of classification
        The outer packing corrugated cardboard
        The so-called according to structure classification, the same way classification is according to the use of a few Zhang Xin paper and paper of.
        A, single face corrugated board
        Single face corrugated board as above, is in the waveform core paper taped to the side ofpaper, its name is based on paper using a number definition, single-sided corrugated boardis not directly used for the production of corrugated boxes, but rolled into a cylindrical shapeor cut into a certain size, as a buffer material and fixed materials to use.
        Two, double wall corrugated board (three layer corrugated cardboard) commonly known as the single corrugated double wall corrugated board figure is on both sides of corrugatedpaper posted in the paper and made. Type B, C, A, E which can be. At present, most of the world production of carton is double wall corrugated board.
        Three, the double - double wall corrugated board (five layer corrugated cardboard)commonly known as double corrugated double tile double wall corrugated board is made of two layers of corrugated paper and paper, from a single face corrugated board with a double wall corrugated board is attached to. In the structure, combination form it can be used in a variety of type, so its performance is also each are not identical. Because of its ordinarydouble wall corrugated board thickness, so their performance in all aspects than double wall corrugated board strong (three layer corrugated cardboard) especially compressive strengthperpendicular to the direction of the, is obviously improved, the dual core double wall corrugated board (five layer corrugated cardboard) made of corrugated box, used for fragile items, heavy objects and the long-term preservation of goods (such as fresh fruits and vegetables, more water containing items) packaging.
        Four, three watts double wall corrugated board (seven layer corrugated) commonly known as the three corrugated
        Three core double (seven layer) is the use of three layer corrugated board corrugated tilemade of paper, namely in a single-sided corrugated paper is stuck with a double - doublecorrugated paper made. Double layer (layer three) double corrugated paper, combinationcan use A, B, C, E various shaped. In the structure, the use of three shaped combination ofcorrugated cardboard, than the use of two kinds of shaped and double tile double (threelayer) corrugated cardboard stronger, therefore, made with this three watts double wall corrugated board corrugated box, used for packaging heavy goods, to replace the wooden box, and this carton is not limited to used alone, often with wooden pallets and platecombination. The combination of the two is nail fixed by steel or special box.
        Types of corrugated box is various, according to the structure can be divided into three categories:
        Slotted carton (type 02)
        Slotted carton is a box type the most basic transport packaging, is currently the most widelyused a carton. It is composed of one or a few slices through the processing of corrugated board composition, formed by the nail method or adhesive binding carton. The bottom and top flaps its (on, under cover) constitute a box bottom and a box cover. This kind of box in thetransport, storage, and can be folded flat, has the advantages of small volume, convenient use, sealing and dustproof, clean inside and outside.
        Nested type carton (type 03)
        Nested type carton by one or a few slices through the processing of corrugated boardcomposition, which is characterized by a box body and a box cover are separated, issheathed in use. The advantages of such cartons packing, sealing and convenient, goodsloading is not easy to fall off, the overall strength of box than the slotted carton high.Disadvantages are sleeved forming large volume, inconvenient transportation, storage.
        Folding carton (type 04)
        Folding carton is also known as the special type of carton, usually consists of a sheet of corrugated board, formed by folding carton, box, lower side cover, no nailing and adhesive.
        Corrugated box accessories
        In order to goods from damage during transportation, according to the characteristics and requirements of different commodities, to design a reasonable structure of attachment, to protect the function of commodity. The most basic carton attachment by the following:
        A. partition: used for bottle fragile goods packaging, all items in the box are separated,prevent shaking, collision.
        B. liner: liner basically by the third, one is full of lining plate, used for the multilayer stratified for isolation purposes. The second is the bridge of lining plate, is used for carton box covercage, smooth space use. The third is the ring, in order to improve the compressive strength and protect the goods in carton, four cartons are side Wai lining board.
        C. liner: according to the shape of goods in different and weak parts, design of various pad,used for fixing the goods, ensure goods does not move in the process of transportation, at the same time with buffer function.
        The advantages of corrugated box
        Corrugated box is to use paper packaging container corrugated cardboard, it has manypoints:
        1, light weight, good performance of structure. The corrugated structure similar to the archstructure, can play the anti shock damping effect, has good mechanical properties.
        2, the packaging materials have many good protection function. For example, moisture, heat,easy to carry.
        3, low transportation cost, and is easy to realize the packaging and transportation of mechanization and automation.
        4, specification and size change is easy to implement, and can quickly adapt to various types of packaging.
        5, sealing, packing is convenient, easy automation.
        6, can adapt to various types of carton packaging printing, can solve the commodity protection and promotion of good.
        7, waste box is easy to recycle, accord with environmental protection requirement.
        8, can be combined through to various covering or moisture-proof material, and greatlyexpand the scope of its application.

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