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        The classification of packaging carton machinery
        post time: 2013-5-8 | hits: 3716
        The current packaging carton machinery with carton forming machine, carton forming machine, packing machine, packing machine, packaging machine, unloading machine series products, the degree of automation of these series of products with automatic molding machine, automatic carton forming machine and other machines.
        So now the carton packaging machinery using vertical storage board, and can be added at any time, without stopping; for the same time and the same size carton packaging use, such as the need to transform carton specifications, manual adjustment (time required only 1 ~ 2 minutes); its rational design, molding, suction box the back cover, automatic processing make smooth reading; precision mechanical properties and durability, operation process no vibration, long life operation of a solid; man-machine interface PLC+ display control, high performance, high speed, high efficiency; carton ends sealing tape angle length 50 ~ 70mm, 80, 100MM can be customized; stand-alone operations, can also be with automated packaging line matching.
        The age of machine, changing the traditional low efficiency of the work of the state, improve production efficiency, increase production efficiency. Now all the goods in carton packaging is packaging machinery through the carton, carton packaging machinery appears to reduce the tedious work, now only a maximum of two people will be able to complete the packaging process, and the efficiency is good, quality is excellent.
        The correct operation of daily and regular maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of the carton packaging machinery. Here are 6 carton packaging machinery maintenance tips.
        Oil change 1, regular: carton packaging machinery gear box oil and lubricating oil must be changed regularly.
        2, regular cleaning bearings: when the carton packaging machinery used to a certain time, it should be disassembled for cleaning all bearings.
        3, regular cleaning of carton machinery production equipment: clean the dirt and rust, especially for cleaning chain and sprocket clean.
        4, carton machinery after cleaning and repair, to correctly assembled: after cleaning machinery and equipment, re assembly, and then boot operation, observe whether it is normal
        Master carton machinery 6 maintenance tips, prolong the service life of carton machinery, improve the production performance of machinery, machinery to ensure production efficiency, ensure product quality.

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