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        How the carton machinery industry development
        post time: 2013-5-8 | hits: 3281
        Our country with the international community, in the era of economic globalization, the export product packaging quality will be more consistent. After the development of machining equipment technology, process, grades, should arouse the attention of the industry. For example, Suzhou Wuzhong three yuan carton factory is a typical of the village enterprise, the original processing cartons have single machine, single machine, after processing, printing, slotting, nail box machine, is also the domestic equipment, the annual output value 三五百萬 element. The boss think, the domestic small equipment all disposed, purchase a small printing machine from Taiwan, an automatic nail box machine, use high-grade line processing board, through the processing after the carton, as the quality of production with high-grade production line products. Product quality in the class, the enterprise develops very quickly, the output value to about 20000000 yuan. This is after processing equipment investment transformation to the success of the typical.
        Carton machinery products to achieve standardization, serialization, multi species, multi substrate, multi-purpose party what is fair, this is the development trend and important goals carton industry "fifteen" period. To achieve the above objectives carton industry technology equipment modification is an important aspect, will provide the opportunity for carton machinery enterprises. In the economically developed areas, small and medium-sized enterprises in reform and strengthen processing equipment, the original processing board small equipment removed, according to market business volume reconfiguration and enhanced processing equipment, fundamentally break the "big and complete", "small and complete" behind the model, so that the cartons improve quality. Only in this way, can adapt to China's accession to the WTO after the needs of the market.

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