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        Kraft paper industry development of our country's packaging trends
        post time: 2013-5-8 | hits: 3249
        Kraft paper packaging industry in China although sold at home and abroad, but also by many packaging companies praise. But compared with the international level, there are still many problems. Then our kraft paper packaging industry in the local change of mainly in the following three points?:
        A: excess capacity, small scale enterprises
        According to statistics, at present our country kraft paper packaging companies probably have more than 2000, and more than 1000000 tons level packaging paper paper-making enterprises is only about 80, but most of the enterprise scale is still small state. Especially the papermaking equipment, compared with the developed countries, still far behind.
        Two: excessive dependence on foreign paper pulp, lack of self-control commodity pulp
        Our packing kraft paper pulp is mainly dependent on foreign imports, subject to external influence. According to this year American pulp Bureau's latest statistics, 80% of China's exports America pulp. But at present our country can own pulp kraft paper packaging manufacturers are less than 1/3.
        Three: kraft paper packaging industry cluster after, resulting in kraft paper packaging industry to enter the low profit era
        China packaging paper manufacturers mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta area. Industrial cluster is too high, the dispersion medium and small enterprises, the whole industry chain link between the improper, cause the entire kraft paper packaging industry profit.

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