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        Factors of packaging enterprise
        post time: 2013-5-8 | hits: 3209
        In 2012 China's packaging company does not exhibit several advantages in the process of transformation, the results lead to the following factors:
        First, understand the printing industry is not clear transition to packaging industry market imbalance. Packaging and printing are inseparable. But in recent years, the contradiction of the exposed because the printing industry, printing industry transformation in packaging industry "flourish" increasingly fierce, especially in the last two years, is more like the popular rain. The packaging industry development led to a certain pressure. At the same time, a printing company in the process of transition, the absolute is unknown, no law and progressive, just follow the "transformation of wind" sloshing around in the future.
        Secondly, the individuation process of packaging, packaging supply merchant group in 2012 more attention to personalized packaging, tracking and the sale of goods and the new labeling and coding technology, and packaging buyers attention to consumers' benefits and new packaging materials. Material cost is the main factor in enhancing many innovative packaging solutions. There is no doubt, the individuation process packaging is one of the developing direction of modern packaging development.
        Second, packaging market decadent and the state of the packaging printing "beautification" requirement will be part of reinsurance company revealed "self crisis". In 2012, both the printing industry is still the packaging industry, the market has been very decadent, this and a slowing domestic economy and the world economy increasing downside risks and not a relationship.

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